Continuity plan for recruitment agencies during a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has locked everybody indoors. With the lockdown and the restrictions, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to operate in their usual way. Recruitment agencies which are the linking block between the recruiters and the candidates are also facing the brunt of the virus. Firstly, there has been a hiring freeze making the job of recruitment agencies tough, secondly, the procedure for hiring an individual which involved steps such as face-to-face interviews cannot be duly followed. In such a scenario recruitment agencies need to come up with a continuity plan since the situation is likely to last for long and is uncertain as well.

So, what is the way out for a recruitment agency?

SHARE THE COVID WORK PLAN: Recruitment agencies should analyse how several aspects of their business are affected and then find out ways to get around each affected aspect. This plan must then be shared with all the employees of the agency as it will help reduce the uncertainty of working during the pandemic.

WEB CONFERENCING/VIDEO INTERVIEWS: There is no doubt that the pandemic has created a situation where human interaction is dangerous therefore making a compelling need to discontinue face-to-face interviews. But, technology has come to rescue to deal with this situation. Face-to-face interviews can be replaced with online interviews. Psychometric tests can be complemented with online interviews to fulfil the gaps of not being able to interview a candidate online.

ASSURE BOTH EMPLOYERS AND FUTURE CANDIDATES: Recruitment agencies assist both the employers and the future candidates. The pandemic has left both the employers and the future candidates puzzled. Now is the time for the recruitment agencies to build a close relationship with both the employers and communicate the expectations of the employer to future candidates so that the candidates are well aware of the current expectations. This can serve dual purpose- wean off the stress of the candidates and help the employers meet the right candidates. An online covid-reserouce centre can also be created.

STAY CONNECTED: Recruitment agencies have a big network of people to work with. So, it is very important for recruitment agencies to have a well-built online network to connect with each other such as Microsoft Teams, Trello etc. A strong web infrastructure should complement the same.

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